Ratio versioning checker.



Raver can be installed using pip install raver for any Python version >=3.9. Or, for Poetry managed projects, use poetry add -D raver to add it as a development dependency.

Using raver#

To just check if Raver can fetch and check your current version, use raver in your favorite terminal while in your project directory (where pyproject.toml is).

Raver detects any Python module that is set up using Poetry by default. It will then check if the version in the module/package’s main file contains a __version__ = "..." line that matches the version in your pyproject.toml file.

Check w.r.t. git reference#

To check the current version versus a git branch as reference (e.g. origin/master), use:

raver --ref origin/master

where origin/master is the reference branch. It then performs a comparison using git diff to check for committed changes. -r works as well as a shorthand.

Check changelog#

To check whether a changelog entry exists for the current version. There are two supported changelog methods, file and directory.

raver --changelog ./path/to/changelog.rst

where the changelog file can be of any extension. Raver checks whether the earlier detected Python file version (only {major}.{minor}.{patch}, no metadata) is included in the document.

raver --changelog ./path/to/changelog/

is also allowed, where the changelog directory has to contain an entry in the format of v{major}.{minor}.{patch}* of the current version (the star is a glob wildcard).

TOML configuration#

Raver supports TOML configuration! It takes precedence over any command-line parameters. The following would be a sensible default for raver:

module = "raver"  # Change to your package name or remove to use Poetry's entry.
reference = "origin/main"
changelog = "./doc/source/changelog.rst"
debug = false

Developer guide#

Python packaging information#

This project is packaged using poetry. Packaging information as well as dependencies are stored in pyproject.toml.

Installing the project and its development dependencies can be done using poetry install.


This project uses semantic versioning. Version increments are checked using Raver.


Changelog format as described by https://keepachangelog.com/ has been adopted.

See Changelog.