[3.0.2] - 2022-11-21#


  • Updated dependency constraints.

[3.0.1] - 2022-07-12#


  • Moved the git ref fetch inside of the text getting method, which helps make sure the ref actually exists (if it does on the optional remote).

  • Only check for changes of the current repo against ref, ignoring whatever the current ref is (which may be some form of a (detached) HEAD).

[3.0.0] - 2022-07-08#


  • Unused commands, essentially turning Raver back into the command it started with: version checking.


  • Single command raver now check for versions, potentially configured from the TOML or CLI interface.

2.2.2 - 2022-06-08#


  • Loosened version string checker for changelogs.


  • Re-added click to package dependencies.


  • Changed the project layout to multiple modules. One per command and some utils.

  • Raver is now packaged using the more mature poetry and supports checking the package version in there, too.


  • Fixup current directory when calling doctests. It’s now properly set to the docs path.


  • raver test now also runs doctests.


  • Adopt new Ratio package template setup.

    • Renamed documentation folder from doc to docs, which reduces confusion with the raver docs command.

    • Moved to the Pydata sphinx theme.

    • Added some default Sphinx plugins and moved to the autoapi extension which does not need to import any package to generate docs.

  • Fixed Python type hints to be more compliant to mypy.

  • Moved to Python 3.8 by default.


  • Fixup space before additional arguments in raver exe.


  • Add -o junit_family=xunit2 to the default test options. This silences a warning by recent pytest 5.x versions that announce this new default value from 6.0.0.

  • Moved from deprecated semver.parse_version_info() to semver.VersionInfo.parse().


  • Allow tuning of the test coverage report using --cov and --cov-report from pytest-cov.


  • Make --script an option for raver install instead of an argument. This allows for a more flexible setup when relying on pyproject.toml files mostly.


  • Fixup in install command. Should now work correctly in pipelines/linux.


  • Improved CLI reporting to what’s happening and whether it was successful for all commands.


  • Fixup to docs (path to Windows’ make.bat for sphinx).

  • Added success message to Nuitka exe build including path to the executable.


  • Completely new API with all the regular pipeline scripts included in raver itself.

    • Including TOML config! Take a look at the project’s pyproject.toml for reference.

  • The old functionality is now available under raver version.


  • Turns out git branch --show-current requires rather recent git versions to work, which isn’t ideal to use in pipelines running all sorts of distros that often ship with older versions.


  • Patched a bug where git symbolic-ref --short HEAD would fail. git branch --show-current does succeed and fits the job just fine.


  • Added changelog checking. This checks whether a changelog entry exists for the current version. If not, a warning message is displayed informing you what to do and the process will exit with code 1 (error). Call with any of:

    raver --changelog /path/to/changelog.rst

    raver -c /path/to/changelog.rst

    raver --changelog /path/to/changelog/

    raver -c /path/to/changelog/

    Beware that it checks for the local version, such that the changelog check may pass even though the version still needs bumping (reference check fails).

    • If given a directory, it will scan for files in the format v0.0.0*, where any suffix goes (star is a glob wildcard).

    • If given a path, it will scan the lines of text contained for exactly and only 0.0.0, e.g. without the v and no prefixes and suffixes allowed.